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Daniel Stone

I was born and bred in Essex in a time not long before the invasion of fake tan, ugg boot wearing, trout pouting towie brigade. My Dad was an international jet setting engineer for Fords with a passion for canoes and my Mum an MA in R.E, table dancing, junior school assistant deputy head teacher. I went to schools in Upminster, Basildon and Langdon Hills before moving to what I'd call my home town of Brentwood at the age of 11.

Although my favourite lesson at school was always art I always loved the natural world and wildlife in particular. Ponds and fishing were my speciality. I won a hand writing competition. I was quite a good runner. My mum survived cancer. My dad worked away a lot. I spent a considerable amount of time with my grandparents. I had terrible eating habits. I have two younger sisters. I learnt to play the bongos.. and the clarinet quite badly.

I managed a few GCSE's, A-Levels, Art Foundation Course and HND in screen printing and surface decoration.

My first job whilst at school was a candis (cancer research) paper round and then a Saturday job at
Gateway foodmarkets. After this and during college I had brief employment with the kitchen reject shop and even briefer off-licence positions. Following graduation and failed attempts to get into print I ended up working for Moss Bros selling second hand suits.

This period saw me leave Essex and sample the delights of Camberwell before spells in Finsbury Park, Mudchute, Archway and back to Finsbury Park again.

After Moss Bros I managed to get back into print and several companies later found myself in my present position.

I started writing because I was bored reading the free newspapers every morning and night whilst commuting to work. Once I started I found a place of solace to pour my frustrations and angst during a particularly testing personal period.

I hope you enjoy my story, I have another to tell.